Solo Soccer Trainer

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Want to be the best at soccer? Then you need this Soccer Trainer!

Designed to efficiently broaden your offensive skill set without having to chase after the ball, the Soccer Trainer delivers a hands-free, independent training tool that simulates in-match ball pace to maximize your passing, shooting, and receiving development.

The Soccer Trainer offers powerful and efficient solo conditioning. This hands-free soccer trainer lets you maximize the number of touches without time wasted chasing the ball.

Fit for field players and goalies, this helps athletes build skills in shooting, passing, receiving, juggling, throw-ins and more. Wrap the sleeve around your waist and the glove around your ball, and you’re ready for the ultimate solo practice.


  • A hands-free solo trainer helps promote quality ball control with uncompromised mobility
  • Premium elastic cord allows you to independently work on juggling drills, passing, and receiving without having to chase the ball
  • Ball returns with true rolls and bounces to help prepare for game time situations
  • Waistband slides to meet your measurements for a seamless fit

Adjustable belt with good quality velcro fastening allows for a comfortable fit. Perfect gift. 2m Elastic cord can be adjusted to suit various training activities. Stretches up to 18ft. 

Ball glove fits all sizes 3, 4 and 5. Hands-free practice helps to improve touch control and reaction speed.



  • Material: Nylon (elastic)
  • Color: Black
  • Tile length: 2.5m/8.20ft
  • Stretch length: 5m/16.40ft (max.)




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