Furniture Lifting Moving Straps

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These Furniture Lifting Moving Adjustable Belts are perfect for helping provide leverage to any item that you need to carry!

These belts make anything you're carrying feel 66% lighter! Like a forearm forklift, these adjustable belt straps work wonders for carrying anything, from small to large items. 

The Furniture Lifting Moving Adjustable Belts have been rated for carrying items up to 700 lbs!

Is made especially for you to do the heavy lifting with ease.

  • Efficient aid for carrying and lifting heavy objects
  • Great for moving houses and arranging homes
  • Safe and prevent injuries from heavy lifting
  • Strong and tough wearable forklift


Carry heavy loads with this forearm lifting aid, up to a maximum of 360kg. Even bulky furniture such as the mattress, bed, and cabinets and appliances like the refrigerator, washing machine, and cooking range won’t be a problem with the support provided by this wearable forklift.

Great Stabilizer

Lifting heavy objects needs balance to carry it out safely. This forklift aid provides excellent stability when carrying and moving weighty objects. It recognized the need for your body to still move freely, especially your arms to support lifting.

Ergonomically Designed

Purposely designed for efficiency, comfort, and safety, this forearm lifting aid promotes and facilitates proper lifting techniques. This to avoid injuries from lifting hefty weights. Also, prevents back pains and muscle strains by engaging the body’s strongest muscles, the legs, and the torso. The forklift also greatly reduces the weight of the item being carried.

Highly Adjustable

The versatile strap and buckle mechanism makes carrying heavy objects easier and more convenient. Adjust it to variable weights and achieve better carrying performance.


  • Adjustable lifting strap
  • Help move a large and heavy object
  • Sturdy and Convenient to use
  • Easy Maneuver


          • Material: 100% Nylon
          • Technics: Braided
          • Feature: Eco-Friendly
          • Feature: High Tenacity
          • Shape: Flat
          • Length: 2.72 m
          • Diameter: length 2.72 m

          Package Includes:

          1 pair of Furniture Lifting Moving Adjustable Belts




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